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Parure Atelier
Parure Atelier
  • 14.02 ct Colombian Emerald and Kite Diamond Ring #1
  • 14.02 ct Colombian Emerald and Kite Diamond Ring #1
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14.02 ct Colombian Emerald and Kite Diamond Ring

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  • 14.02 ct Colombian Emerald and Kite Diamond Ring #1
price on request
Emerald Stone
Shape Octagon
Central stone
Emerald (Columbia)
Center stone weight
14.02 ct
Central stone shape
Additional characteristics
Yellow and White Gold
Side stone
Side stone weight 1
1.02 ct
Side stone shape 1
Item weight
11.10 g

Introducing the 14.02 ct Emerald Ring from Jewelry design studio Parure Atelier that blends harmony with a touch of the extraordinary. Central to this piece is 14.02 carat Colombian emerald, boasting a vibrant green that captures the lush landscapes of its origin. Its octagonal cut not only accentuates the stone's geometric perfection but also its deep, rich color. Crafted with a blend of yellow and white 18k gold, offers a luxurious contrast that highlights the emerald's vividness. Complementing the central gem are two side stones, kite-shaped diamonds totaling 1.02 carats, chosen for their unique shape. Weighing 11.10 grams, this piece is a testament to the balance of precise proportions. It is designed for those with a penchant for significant, bold jewelry that doesn't shy away from making a statement of luxury and elegance.

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